Welcome to Tactical Frag-Addicts Headquarters


Welcome to =[T*F*A]=HQ, Tactical Frag-Addicts HeadQuarters,
=[T*F*A]= is home to gamers of all walks of life, and from all over the globe. Our goal was to establish a international gaming community consisting of gamers who treat eachother with respect and with time become friends. Also the community is set up, to be owned by its members. Members will be able to become a “founder”, Founders are partial owners of the community and have a bigger say in the development of the community. Basically members will become able to be co-owners.  Making =[T*F*A]= a community owned by its members.  We are active in wide range of games. That is pretty much up to the members choice, however we aim to improve teamplay in any game we play to improve the gaming experience. For the rest you can find us chilling on discord, gaming or chatting.

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